For most of my life I’ve suffered from hoarding disorder, although for most of my life I’ve been in denial about it. One of the things that really helped me gain an understanding and awareness of this disorder was was hearing other people with the disorder talk openly about it.

I’m therefore starting this website which I hope will build and become a resource for others, whether they are hoarders themselves, or have a friend, family member or someone in their life who is a hoarder and just want to understand the condition better and maybe help.

I have recently carried out interviews on the subject of hoarding with: Jayne Sanders, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Ashley Fulwood, Chief Executive, OCD UK, and Matt Hollins, friend, mental health activist and stand-up comedian.

I will add links to the interviews listed below as and when I can from my hike. Thank you for any support you can give, and I hope you find these these pages useful.

Currently I’m away on a 500 mile hike in Spain and will be raising funds for OCD UK - If you’d like to donate at all my fundraising page is


Interview with Matt and Jayne
Interview with Matt and Ashley
Interview with Matt and Matt